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San Luis Obispo Auto Repair

We have been in continuous operation under the same owner since 1981. We plan to keep our doors open well into the future. In fact, we are currently expanding our facility so that we can service your vehicles better. At Morin Brothers, we strive to provide our customers with the full spectrum of automotive repair options. We do this to keep your cars in the best state of repair possible. This is so they will last several generations and be safe to drive.

Our Goals

Morin Brothers Mission Statement:

Our goal is to keep our customers' cars in the best state of repair possible, ensuring them safe, reliable transportation; and to educate our customers and potential customers in the best way to accomplish this. We accomplish this through unswerving devotion to quality and attention to detail, listening carefully to our customers, ongoing education and training, and maintaining up to date equipment and facilities. This will yield a profitable company, growing customer base and a happy and productive work environment.


  • To evaluate and inspect every car that comes to the shop.
  • To communicate needed repairs or services to the owners.
  • To carry out repairs in an as efficient and timely manner as possible.
  • To maintain a safe and clean work environment.
  • To make education and training for our service professionals an ongoing activity.