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Morin Brothers dogs are from Wood's Humane, the pound, or are strays we took in. We love our shop dogs and hope you do too!

Freida, the dog in all the different costumes was our shop dog and official greeter. She took her job very seriously, greeting everyone when they came in the office, searching out biscuits, and sniffing out problems. She was featured in all our radio and print ads. Many of our customers weren’t sure that that was her on the radio, so we took a picture of her recording in the studio. She worked for us for ten years, and passed away in 2007. We published an obituary in the Tribune and received close to 100 cards recalling the many times our customers had been greeted and how nice it was to have such a wonderful ambassador of goodwill.


Lenny and Gerty belong to Michael Morin.



Bailey and Zoey belong to Jesse and Janaya Landon.



Hector belongs to Elena Ireland