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San Luis Obispo Auto Repair


I trust Morin Bros. They are reliable, honest, and always have my best interest in mind. Jesse is always kind and helpful. Thanks Morin Bros!


You guys make my life just a little bit easier, knowing that I don't have to ever worry whenever there is any kind of an issue with any of my family's cars. After almost 20 years of going to Morin Bros, I can safely say that I will never consider another mechanics shop for any of my vehicles. Oh, and having Jesse as your 'front man' doesn't hurt, either (super nice guy)!

5 are the lifeline at Morin Brothers. Your kind, friendly, professional service is outstanding!As Jesse knows, I purchased a NEW Honda in March and was offered my first service with Sunset Honda FREE. Great...NO! I waited 3 hours for my Element which is a brand new vehicle to be serviced? Yes, 3 hours. Like that was bad? No,I then drove to work and noticed a large scrape on front, right side of hood. Honda repaired the scrape. I will never go back to Sunset Honda again. Horrible car service was provided...with damage to my hood.With a big, happy smile I am pleased to be a happy customer of Morin Bros for 6 years. Efficient, excellent service is a guarantee every time. My Honda had its 2nd service at Morin Brothers. Made my appointment with Jesse a week before. Waited 30 minutes for my service...thank you Bruce! Yes, 30 minutes! Morin Bros has made me a happy customer for 6 years. Thank you Morin Bros.


As always, service was timely and efficient. I have complete confidence in Morin Brothers. When necessary, Morin Brothers always gets my car in right away.


Completed in fine a fashion.