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San Luis Obispo Auto Repair


Good to get a ride to work. Nice to get some explanation of the rather esoteric fix I needed. Would like to see the parts exchanged some times, just out of curiousity.


Excellant service, as always. Best garage in town.


A few years ago I chose U guys to do a smog check.Diagnostic port had been damaged.You replaced it.Noted above speed-o,ebrake and Abs lights stayed on,ABS didn't work.Fuel gauge level varied all full or all empty.You spent a lot of time and didn't solve the problems.Speedo worked only above 15mph.You admitted you couldn't fix it and only charged me for work done.I took it to Dodge dealer and they wanted 250$ for diagnostic.They also wanted like 80$ an hour labor and could not guarantee a fix.I got on line and spoke with Just Ask the expert.He said it was the speed sensor in the rear differential.I changed it and everything was fixed.I wanted to change the spark plugs but the boots were stuck.He said just pull the wires and they wouldn't break.Right answer.If your ever in a quandary Ask The Expert on line.Cost:less than 25? You guys can't know every thing about every car you work on,and that's a fact.Bruce


I trust Morin Bros. They are reliable, honest, and always have my best interest in mind. Jesse is always kind and helpful. Thanks Morin Bros!


You guys make my life just a little bit easier, knowing that I don't have to ever worry whenever there is any kind of an issue with any of my family's cars. After almost 20 years of going to Morin Bros, I can safely say that I will never consider another mechanics shop for any of my vehicles. Oh, and having Jesse as your 'front man' doesn't hurt, either (super nice guy)!

5 are the lifeline at Morin Brothers. Your kind, friendly, professional service is outstanding!As Jesse knows, I purchased a NEW Honda in March and was offered my first service with Sunset Honda FREE. Great...NO! I waited 3 hours for my Element which is a brand new vehicle to be serviced? Yes, 3 hours. Like that was bad? No,I then drove to work and noticed a large scrape on front, right side of hood. Honda repaired the scrape. I will never go back to Sunset Honda again. Horrible car service was provided...with damage to my hood.With a big, happy smile I am pleased to be a happy customer of Morin Bros for 6 years. Efficient, excellent service is a guarantee every time. My Honda had its 2nd service at Morin Brothers. Made my appointment with Jesse a week before. Waited 30 minutes for my service...thank you Bruce! Yes, 30 minutes! Morin Bros has made me a happy customer for 6 years. Thank you Morin Bros.


As always, service was timely and efficient. I have complete confidence in Morin Brothers. When necessary, Morin Brothers always gets my car in right away.


Completed in fine a fashion.